As a professional janitorial company, ServiceMaster by Stratos provides services on a business-to-business basis, also known as B2B. Stratos offers a wide range of services, including event and venue cleaning, post construction cleaning and commercial specialty cleaning to those looking to keep their respective spaces at their best. Keeping this type of company top of mind with your target audience can be tricky, as decision makers make purchasing choices very differently than consumers do. As a result, you must constantly think outside of the box to ensure awareness is growing.

Step 1: Tell your brand story in a creative way.
Aside from the traditional tactics like website copy, there are many ways to educate your audience on what your company is all about. Though B2B businesses are not marketing directly to the general public, establishing a presence on social media is a great way to make yourself known. By posting about industry news and sharing articles about the city in which your business serves, you position yourself as the expert in your field of work and show that you are community-minded. For example, Stratos shares blog posts on its website and social media pages that highlight things that make life easier. From how to properly clean marble to ways to avoid the spreading of germs during cold and flu season, our Memphis-based professional janitorial company strives to position itself as the go-to for all things cleaning-related.

Another way Stratos has established its identity in a unique way is by coining the term – Logistical People Business™. Stratos is headquartered in one of the largest logistical hubs that has access to the four major modes of transportation—runway, road, rail and river. Thanks to companies like FedEx, the Memphis International Airport is the second busiest cargo airport in the world. Clearly, our Memphis businesses know a thing or two about how to move products. And, Stratos? Well, we know how to move people, so trademarking the phrase just makes sense when telling our story.

Step 2: Capitalize on your leadership.
Stratos’ fearless leader, CEO Stacy McCall, is a force to be reckoned with – in a good way, of course. Stacy leads with a servant heart, making her an excellent resource to speak to servant leadership and company culture through submitted columns, speaking engagements and a short video series developed by Stratos, Obsidian Public Relations and Creation Studios titled the Stratos Minute.

In addition, Stacy and team give back to the community by providing in-kind donations of service and serving in leadership positions for organizations like NAWBO Memphis (president-elect) and Memphis in May International Festival (treasurer).

To continue furthering your B2B organization in the marketplace this year, think outside the box and tap into your leader’s expertise. Creatively showcasing the company’s and your leader’s unique strengths will make the transition into the spotlight feel more natural and authentic. Who knows where telling your brand story in a creative way and capitalizing on your leadership will take your business in 2019 and beyond.

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