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At ServiceMaster by Stratos, we don’t have employees, we have service partners. We refer to them in this way to ensure that our business partners, customers and our service partners themselves understand the value they bring to the company. Our organization simply cannot be what we strive for it to be in the marketplace without their hard work and commitment to Stratos.

They are an integral part of our business that helps build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Standing firm on this idea has resulted in exceptional employee retention – in an industry that usually experiences a high employee turnover.

Client testimonials

“I just had to let you know what a beautiful job this gentleman is doing washing the office windows in the Hampton Area. He clearly is taking pride in doing a great job. They are sparkling!”

“Your team of service partners is great. They are honest and easy to talk to. They get the job done, and we enjoy interacting with them. They’re always engaging, and we look forward to seeing their smiling faces.”

“Lisa and her team are complete champs in my eyes, especially given the weather conditions. You guys are top-notch.”

“Just wanted to pass along some positive feedback regarding the new person that has been cleaning our side of the building. He is doing a great job. We have clean restrooms that are kept up throughout the day.”

“The service partner that has been coming the last few days has been doing excellent. Keep her coming!”

“The branch is extremely clean this morning. Spots on the carpet are gone and the kitchen floor is sparkling.”

“I had to let you know the new cleaning crew is fantastic. I noticed the hard work they both are doing. They are friendly, mature and very professional. They get the job done, and they do it well.”

“I would like to pay a huge compliment to the person who cleans the third floor in the evenings. He has the best attitude and quite honestly keeps the floor cleaner than anyone. We ask him to do little things here and there, and it’s always done with a smile. Whenever the job is done, he always follows up to ask if everything is okay, which shows he cares. We often times share when something is not done right, but I would like to share when things are done right. His efforts do not go unnoticed.”

“I wanted to let you know I have had the chance to interact with our day porter and have really enjoyed him around. He is a really hard worker and is very friendly. He really takes care of us when we need him throughout the day.”