After more than three decades of experience in the janitorial service industry, we confidently serve as janitorial service experts for our customers. Our ServiceMaster by Stratos leadership team has a combined 178 years of management experience in our industry, which offers a level of professional maturity and stability to our service teams that allow our customers to remain confident in choosing ServiceMaster by Stratos as their janitorial service provider year after year.

We Train and Inspect.

To ensure that our service partners represent the 35 years of experience and expertise established in our company, we have made a commitment to thorough hiring processes, rigorous screening procedures, extensive training requirements and a culture of continuous learning.

ServiceMaster by Stratos team members are hired after detailed background screenings, professional reference checks and mandatory drug testing are executed. We also provide more than 2,900 hours of training for our employees annually encompassing decades of janitorial service experience and through ServiceMaster University, developed by ServiceMaster.


“I just had to tell you what a beautiful job this gentleman is doing washing the office windows in the Hampton Area. He clearly is taking pride in doing a great job and they are sparkling!”

We don’t stop instruction after the initial training process or settle for the occasional annual check-off. We invest in our people. This starts at the top with weekly management meetings, company seminars and training programs for professional and personal development, included in our standards of performance, and it continues to individual service partners in customer facilities through personalized education and training. It is through this commitment to continuous learning that we have built a culture of confidence and success that drives internal promotion and strong levels of retention.

Because every ServiceMaster by Stratos janitorial service offering is tailored to the specific needs of the customer, and because our service teams are assigned to specific customer accounts, our supervisors are always familiar with the customer and the facility. While they follow a detailed inspection report based on instructions set forth by the customer, they are also trained to identify potential facility problems and communicate issues not monitored by the inspection report. Our management team performs more than 800 inspections per year and are personally available 24/7 to answer questions and address emergency issues, whenever necessary.

The results are service teams who know how to listen to customers, identify needs, address security concerns and pay attention to details, ensuring that each job is completed at top quality and as instructed specifically by the customer.

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