Security is a top priority for ServiceMaster by Stratos because it is a top priority for our customers. We understand the magnitude of trust in a janitorial service relationship, and we know that often, the level of trust endowed is directly related to the satisfaction of a customer’s security concerns. That is why our focus on security with our customers begins before the first day of service and continues through the life of our relationship.

We Understand the Security Needs of Our Customers.


We understand that our customer’s most valuable assets are their people and property, and we address customer security concerns at the very beginning of the relationship by executing a thorough and detailed hiring process when adding service partners to our team. We don’t subcontract the cleaning of our customers’ facilities. We put our own people in customer facilities, and to ensure that only the best people are in line to serve our customers, we complete detailed background screenings, professional reference checks and mandatory drug testing for each service partner we hire.


Additionally, through our commitment to innovation, we have incorporated technology that allows us to provide consistent and repeatable training procedures that we’ve established over the last three decades. These procedures emphasize prevalent security concerns to ensure that service partners never miss the mark on what matters most to our customers. Our team is trained to pay attention to the details, and our supervisors follow up with rigorous inspections, confirming that the job was done right and that all security measures were followed as set forth by the customer.


“Your team of service partners is great. They are honest and easy to talk to. They get the job done, and we enjoy interacting with them. They’re always engaging, and we look forward to seeing their smiling faces.”

Since 2000, our entire team has completed annual Workplace Conduct Training by First Response, a firm specializing in compliance and human resources. Specifically, Workplace Conduct Training covers acceptable and unacceptable conduct, lawful and unlawful behavior, as well as harassment – what it is, how it happens and who it can happen to. At ServiceMaster by Stratos, we believe in a proactive approach to dealing with these issues, as well as being thoroughly equipped to react to them when they do arise. We focus on these behaviors and reactions through role-play and simulated exercises to promote soft skill development, growing our people personally and professionally.

Furthermore, we have recently invested in comprehensive situational awareness training for our service partners and management team by Obsidian Strategies to ensure that they are equipped with the most tactical knowledge of threat mitigation and security practices. With experience in this detailed training, our teams are better equipped to be an extension of our customer’s facility security, as they are the eyes and ears on the ground when others are gone for the day. We invest in these educational opportunities to ensure that we are a trusted partner in helping to protect our customer’s most valuable assets – their people and property.

Customized Practices

Because every janitorial service offering is custom-created for each ServiceMaster by Stratos customer, we can develop distinct plans and set detailed procedures based on the priorities of our customers. While security is always a top priority for clients, specific requests are addressed at each individual facility, keeping our customers confident in trusting us with their janitorial needs.

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