How Stratos enhances meeting engagement

Have you noticed a drop in meeting engagement since the pandemic began? Participation can often feel optional when a computer screen creates a divide between team members during virtual meetings. It’s hard to share energy and keep staff engaged when… Continue Reading →

Progress over perfection

At ServiceMaster by Stratos, we live and work by four core values. They are the chosen paths that lead us to our desired destination, while focusing on respect for people, dignity of the human spirit and greater quality of life… Continue Reading →

Information is currency part III

Since April 2020, we’ve highlighted how ServiceMaster by Stratos CEO Stacy McCall came to realize the immense value of information here on our blog. The first piece highlighted the importance of establishing strong lines of communication that allow Stratos to… Continue Reading →

Information is… street cred

In April 2020, we penned a blog post highlighting how ServiceMaster by Stratos’ CEO Stacy McCall came to realize information is currency in the business world. To recap, it highlighted insights like when front-line staff members pay close attention to… Continue Reading →

Thank you for your support

As we enter the new year, I want to thank you for your continued support. The challenges we’ve all faced over the last couple of years have been unique, but I hope they’ve presented you with new opportunities and that… Continue Reading →