The fall and winter seasons bring about some of our favorite holidays, ample family time and an overarching joy across the nation. However, it’s also the beginning of the dreaded flu season, and as 200,000 people on average are hospitalized due to the flu each year, staying healthy will become a major priority for all.

creationstudios-servicemasters-memphis-030-dsc_3206Getting the vaccine and covering your mouth when coughing are obvious preventions of this virus, but the most important way to avoid it is one we don’t often think about: cleaning the surfaces we touch every day. Did you know that human influenza viruses generally survive on surfaces between two and eight hours? That’s where we come in!

ServiceMaster by Stratos is dedicated to keeping businesses germ free this flu season, allowing for a more healthy office environment. Below are some example of high traffic surfaces areas that we focus on most during the winter.

The bathroom is already an area that attracts germs, so it needs extra attention during the winter season. Our focus goes to areas such as sinks, faucets, urinals and toilet handles, as well as stall doors and locks.

Door handles
As everyone in your office enters and exits through the same doors, it’s easy to see how germs can spread through these surfaces.

Light switches
Even surfaces as small as a light switch attract bacteria and need disinfecting.

Communal office objects
While employees are confined to enclosed office spaces, the spreading of germs is likely. That’s why we wipe down everything from telephones to vending machines and conference tables.

In addition to regular cleaning, Stratos can also come in if your office experiences a flu outbreak and help with what we call hazardous “incidents” that require a more thorough cleaning at a moment’s notice.

ServiceMaster by Stratos believes that there is no job too large, not even ridding your office of relentless flu germs! Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor a solution to keep your team healthy this flu season.

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