Otis ArmstrongAt ServiceMaster by Stratos, one of the most important characteristics we look for in service partners we hire is trustworthiness. Oftentimes, our service partners’ duties begin after employees have gone home. Thus, a great deal of trust must be had not only between our leadership and service partners, but also between service partners and our clients. For one Stratos service partner, the level of trust that exists between employer, employee and client is elevated.

Otis Armstrong, originally from Bruce, Mississippi, has been with Stratos since March 15, 2011. For those years, Otis’ duties have spanned the spectrum. Currently, he cleans ATMs that can accumulate a great deal of filth considering those that are enclosed make a safe spot for many to find shelter, and those that are outside are exposed to the elements. Opposite of highly trafficked, transactional ATM spaces, Otis also cleans bank vaults where security and trust are so vital. These mysterious spaces see very few people, and are adorned with shiny stainless steel and complex locking systems.


“Stacy, and my manager, Larry, trust me to go in there and take care of what needs to be done,” Otis said. “It makes me feel good and always puts a smile on my face when I make my rounds.”

It means the world to Otis that his employer and clients have made him the go-to service partner to do a job that requires a great deal of trust. His positivity and dedication make for great relationships between he and his many clients.

In his downtime, the Memphian of 47 years enjoys watching Memphis Grizzlies games and playing ball with his four grandkids.

Thank you, Otis, for bringing your best to work every day! We appreciate you!

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