You can’t do it alone – that’s what the professional janitorial industry has shown Bruce TaylorServiceMaster by Stratos’ longest tenured team member. 

According to Bruce, one of the best parts of Stratos is the management team’s commitment to investing in the growth of its service partners – and oh how Bruce has grown. He started his career at Stratos in 1988 as a vacuum tech and restroom cleaner. From there, he became a lead, then continued to climb the ranks as an assistant supervisor, supervisor, area supervisor, division manager, and finally, his current position of a facilities group manager. 

Through Stratos, Bruce has learned the value of listening to and understanding others, as well as the importance of always keeping a line of communication open. He is proud of the crafts of the trade he has perfected over the years and the numerous service partners he has had the privilege of training and working alongside – many of whom he now calls his friends. 

Bruce has been unwavering in meeting his personal and professional goals over the last 30 years. His success at Stratos can be attributed to many things: embracing the culture, being a team player, a willingness to learn and listen and taking advantage of all opportunities that have been placed before him.


“Stratos has made me bold.”

Since joining the team, Bruce has established a career that offered him opportunities to meet great people, check things off of his bucket list and even wear a red reindeer nose at the company Christmas party – and after all this time, there’s still never a dull day. 

Thank you, Bruce, for your dedication and belief in all that ServiceMaster by Stratos stands for. We are truly grateful!

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