At Stratos, our service partners are trained to use the best techniques and procedures to properly clean our customers’ facilities. Some of our service partners have started to bring tricks of the trade they learn at Stratos home with them. We asked a few of our service partners which cleaning methods translated from commercial to residential the most seamlessly. 

1. Microfiber cloths 

Microfiber cloths are the holy grail of cleaning tools. They’re versatile, absorbent and machine-washable, as long as you don’t use fabric softener. From cleaning smudges on glass to thoroughly dusting any surface, these cloths do the trick. It’s important to note that not all microfiber cloths are created equal – so when buying a cloth, look for one that feels rough to your hand, that way you know that you have a high-quality option and are ready to give your home a professional grade cleaning.

2. Tennis balls

Do you play tennis? Or, do you have a family member that uses a walker with tennis balls attached to its legs? Well, there’s another way to use those tennis balls. Service partners have found that tennis balls on the end of handles – think brooms, mops or yard sticks –  make good scruff-mark erasers. Make sure your floor is clean and dry, then rub your tennis ball on the scuff mark. Voila! Scuff be gone!

3. Cleaning supply care 

We all have the hiding spot. For most of us, it’s below the kitchen or bathroom sink, but no matter where it is, the place where you store your cleaning supplies is most likely a mess. A disorganized cleaning supply cabinet full of leaky bottles and expired products can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed before they even start to clean. Our service partners realized that an organized, portable storage space for their cleaning supplies makes their jobs much easier. For residential cleanings, our team recommends a plastic shower caddy or small bucket with handles. You’ll eliminate running up and down the stairs or to the other room for the supply you need next, and will be ready to get the job done in an efficient manner. Service partners also stress the importance of regularly cleaning your cleaning tools, too. Just because they’re full of soap and water when scrubbing or spraying, doesn’t mean bacteria won’t build up. 

We at ServiceMaster by Stratos are trained experts in creating clean, healthy environments, and hopefully, with these tips, you can be an expert in creating those same spaces in your own homes. Now, let’s get to cleaning!

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