Since its founding 40 years ago, ServiceMaster by Stratos has grown tremendously. All of this growth the professional janitorial company has experienced was made possible by prioritizing three aspects above all else  the development of team members, company culture and internal communication. In turn, Stratos has been able to satisfy customers and open doors foropen doors for new opportunities along the way. Let’s take a deep dive at some of our Stratos highlights over the last four decades, shall we? 

We just keep growing and growing and growing

In 2017, Stratos was given the opportunity to work with the home of Memphis’ future leaders — Shelby County Schools. Since the partnership began, Stratos has played a role in providing healthy learning environments through its work in 47 SCS facilities. More than 200 service partners cover nearly 5 million square feet every day! From classrooms to gymnasiums to lunchrooms, our team of dedicated professionals is proud to help our children have a safe space to learn and grow.  

Stratos earns top ServiceMaster honor

Last year, Stratos was awarded the Marion E. Wade Award of Honor at ServiceMaster’s international convention in Orlando, Florida. This award is given to recognize exceptional growth, customer service and community involvement to one of ServiceMaster’s franchises. For Stacy, Stratos’ CEO, it was an immensely gratifying feeling to see the team receive external recognition for their continued dedication and commitment to their work. Investment is a top priority for Stratos’ leadership team – in our people, in our company and in our city. To see each team member’s hard work be honored in such a big way made Stacy proud to lead this company and brought us all a great deal of joy.

Stratos named Small Business of the Year

ServiceMaster by Stratos was named the Memphis Business Journal’s Small Business of the Year for the 61+ employees category in 2015. Stacy claims that winning was a testament to the strength of the company’s staff. Stratos’ dedication to its company culture and service to its community all play a role in making the business successful. 

Making moves toward the Mighty Muddy

Perhaps the most important business move of the last 40 years was Stratos’ physical move to Downtown Memphis in 2009. The McCalls moved closer to the Mighty Muddy from their home in Mississippi where they as a family, and Stratos as a business, established new stomping grounds. With all the remarkable changes the McCalls have seen occur in Downtown Memphis since their move, they cannot imagine, especially with the momentum it has gained now, what changes they will see in the years to come.

It’s been a wonderful 40 years of business thus far and a wonderful 11 in Downtown Memphis. Thank you to everyone who helped us get here along the way. Here’s to 40 more!

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