Salvador “Sal” Cervantes moved to the area from California in 2004 to provide a better life for his family. Shortly after arriving in Memphis, Sal joined the ServiceMaster by Stratos team as a part-time service partner. It didn’t take long for Stratos leaders Chris and Stacy McCall to figure out that Sal was special. Since coming on board, Sal has risen through the company’s ranks, being elevated to newly created positions not once, but twice.

Most recently, he was named Stratos’ first General Manager of Custodial and Janitorial Operations. In this role, Sal oversees managers in both service offerings, maintains customer relationships, guides future development of team members, and contributes to strategic planning. We are so proud of all Sal has accomplished since becoming a member of the Stratos family. His work ethic is impressive, and his ability to maintain relationships with team members and customers, as well as his servant heart, is unmatched. Join us in congratulating him on his recent promotion!

Hiring for culture is important – even now

Stacy recently penned a column for the Memphis Business Journal on why the principle of hiring for culture should not be abandoned even when the going gets tough. Circumstances business owners have found themselves in over the past two years, or are currently experiencing, may lead to temptation – to lower expectations for new hires, to reduce requirements for applicants or a combination of the two. Even when the going gets tough, leaders must avoid lowering expectations at all costs. A company’s culture depends on leadership remaining dedicated to what they have worked so hard to cultivate.

Read Stacy’s column here.


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