No man is an island and neither is a business. A business leader’s duties span a broad spectrum, from negotiating contracts with new clients to working alongside their frontline staff when extra hands are needed. However, “doing it all” is not limited to your office’s four walls. Doing it all encompasses social responsibility.

We here at ServiceMaster by Stratos have recognized the importance of giving back to the community since our founding in 1979, and we look forward to continuing to build upon that belief as we settle into our new neighborhood known as the Edge District. Now, let’s learn a little more about the area sandwiched between the Downtown Memphis core and the Medical District, shall we?

Let’s travel back to 1994. Lifelong Memphian and founder of Premier Contractors Mike Todd purchased Premiere Palace Ballroom located at 629 Monroe Ave. Once a Cadillac car dealership, the space is now an event venue perfect for wedding receptions, corporate events and more. From there, Todd founded The Edge District Association composed of individuals passionate about the revitalization of the area. Since its founding, the Edge District has seen tremendous growth. Take Orion Federal Credit Union making the area its home and Leo Events completing a beautiful renovation of a nearby building, for example. The neighborhood is also home to High Cotton Brewing Company, Edge Alley and Craft Axe Throwing, all of which play a big part in bringing in locals and tourists. Todd is thrilled with what has transpired over the years.

With nearly 350 employees on staff, Stratos’ presence will undoubtedly bring an influx of traffic to the neighborhood, too. Think occurrences such as leadership training sessions, weekly staff meetings, physical check pickups and team events, just to name a few. Plans to upgrade the area surrounding the building with a beautiful garden space complete with flowers, seating and more are in the works, too.

“I’m excited Stratos has taken an interest in the area and has made a commitment to improve it through the revitalization of its new office space at 307 Madison,” said Todd. “The building has good bones, so I’m glad Stacy and her team recognized its potential. I can’t wait to see the finished product once renovations are completed.”

There are many exciting upgrades planned that Stratos looks forward to sharing once renovations are complete. By making this 25,000-square-foot charming yet large space our new home, Stratos is living out the service over self motto that drives the team in its commitment to being part of the community’s betterment.

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