At ServiceMaster by Stratos, we live and work by four core values. They are the chosen paths that lead us to our desired destination, while focusing on respect for people, dignity of the human spirit and greater quality of life for all. One of those guiding principles is to help our people develop. 

Over the years, the ways in which we help others develop have naturally evolved. However, the pandemic is one very unnatural contributing factor we could have never prepared for that has altered our approach. The lessons learned since early 2020 are plentiful, but perhaps none are as important as this – people are not disposable. 

Prior to the pandemic, the business world did not offer much leniency. There seemed to be a “get this done my way or hit the road” mentality. Flaws are magnified when people are as stressed as they are right now. This is especially true in business relationships when at-home stressors and work stressors are present. Even when we are extremely stressed and difficult situations arise, we must not overreact. It all comes down to appreciating progress rather than demanding perfection. 


“Having the grace and mercy to not overreact salvages relationships that could’ve been seen as disposable prior to the pandemic.” – Stacy McCall

Stratos has always been a company of second chances. But now, it also means not ending someone’s employment when they make emotional decisions due to internal or professional stressors. It means being more flexible. It means pressing pause and sometimes rewind during tough times so as to not overreact.

What are you willing to do and how willing are you to listen to get to the root of what’s causing the issue at hand? Are you willing to invest the time and energy necessary to resolve the problem before parting ways? I encourage you to examine the way in which you respond to difficult situations in the workplace. Doing so has changed Stratos for the better. Pause. Rewind. Begin again.

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