Since April 2020, we’ve highlighted how ServiceMaster by Stratos CEO Stacy McCall came to realize the immense value of information here on our blog. The first piece highlighted the importance of establishing strong lines of communication that allow Stratos to make adjustments to their services quickly. Part II focused on information in the form of street cred. In part III, we will hone in on how leaders can make and spend banked currency. 

Staffing shortages began to impact Stratos heavily in late September 2021. As a result, Stacy started working more in the business. On any given night, you can find her cleaning alongside service partners. When she began filling in, she knew she needed to build up currency in the form of good will that she could call upon when needed. What we mean by this is, Stacy needed to show up and do the work herself before she could feel comfortable asking team members to do more to cover a call-out’s responsibilities or the extra duties that exist as a result of a position not being filled. 

By working with her service partners, Stacy establishes a higher level of trust and respect. She gets to know her team, which creates a special bond. They know she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. They know she is not asking something of them that she would not do herself. They’ve seen her roll up her sleeves and get to work when she could have easily asked other team members to do more.


“We ask more than our people can give at times because we don’t understand how much currency is needed in a relationship or how much currency we’re spending by making an ask.” – Stacy McCall

Three years ago when many people’s biggest stressor was bills, currency didn’t seem to get spent as quickly. People have been used up in so many ways since the pandemic began – think the emotional impact of COVID-19, social pressures and fear of the unknown. All this stress has limited what employees can give to their professional lives. Their tanks are almost empty, which is why it is crucial that a leader builds currency, and knows when to use it and when to bank it. 

Leaders have tanks, too, of course, but Stacy can’t help but feel blessed. 


“I’m blessed every day. The enrichment I receive from our people is not deserved, so it is unexpected at times, but still so appreciated. It’s a blessing you do not receive unless you’re side by side in the trenches.” – Stacy McCall

Are you asking more of your team than you are willing to give personally? I challenge you to identify ways you can create and bank more currency with your team. The benefits and the blessings received will amaze you.

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