The Memphis Grizzlies’ regular season began on Oct. 25, and the Memphis Tigers’ will start competing on the hardwood very soon. Between October-March, Stratos service partners who set the stage for these exciting events will work at least 44 NBA matchups and 16 NCAA games, in addition to FedExForum concerts and shows. Talk about a busy (and fun!) season to be in! What makes this time of year even more special for our team is that we recently elevated three of our FedExForum service partners to supervisor roles.

With our second corporate objective being to help our people develop, it brings Stratos great joy and satisfaction to promote team members. Three seasoned service partners, Janice Dickerson, Ray Pratcher and Erica Wilson, now oversee those who keep the 18,119-seat venue looking its best before, during and after games and events. The trio is tasked with supporting the FedExForum’s Fans First mantra that focuses on providing an exceptional customer experience and ensuring professional janitorial work is done properly. Since completing the supervisory training program, they have continued to grow in their positions and furthered their technical and people skills.

When asked about their favorite part of the new positions, Janice’s, Ray’s and Erica’s responses reflect exactly what Stratos strives to do – help others, especially those with diverse abilities. This opportunity to work with those individuals began in 2016, when Stratos cultivated a relationship with SRVS, a nonprofit that helps find meaningful employment for those with disabilities. The FedExForum team the trio leads has grown to include 13 SRVS clients who bring joy, energy and dedication to work each and every day. Janice, Ray and Erica are humbled by the fact that they get to lead such amazing individuals. 

Congratulations to Janice, Ray and Erica on being promoted to supervisors. Stratos is proud of the hard work and dedication to personal and professional growth you have exhibited over the years. You have shown your peers inside and outside our organization that there is opportunity for growth at Stratos. Go Grizz and Go Tigers!

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