ServiceMaster by Stratos was honored as the 2019 Tennessee Community Organization Business of the Year at TNCO’s Annual Awards Luncheon in Nashville on Oct. 16. Each year, TNCO, whose mission is to advance the quality of support for individuals with disabilities, recognizes a Tennessee-based company that supports TNCO’s mission. Stratos was given the award this year for its dedication to integrated employment in partnership with Memphis-based SRVS, a nonprofit that helps find meaningful employment for those with disabilities. 

From left, Tyler Hampton, SRVS executive director; Lisa Montgomery, ServiceMaster by Stratos facilities group manager; Stacy McCall, ServiceMaster by Stratos CEO; Troy Allen, SRVS director of community employment services and Louis Moses III, SRVS employment consultant

ServiceMaster by Stratos has recognized the importance of giving back to the community since it was founded in 1979 and continues to build upon that belief. In 2016, Stratos cultivated a relationship SRVS. With only 30.4 percent of individuals with disabilities between 18-64 years old being employed in Tennessee, according to the TN Disability Coalition, Stratos’ partnership with the nonprofit is crucial to the evolution of the workforce. This staggering figure puts the Volunteer State No. 44 in the country! Although Stratos leadership was not aware of these alarming statistics before the partnership began, its newfound awareness brought about even more excitement and determination to employ as many SRVS clients as possible.

Currently, Stratos employs 13 individuals who service the 18,119-seat FedExForum. SRVS team members are happy to be working with their Stratos friends, and enjoy interacting with concert goers and fans – even sharing fist bumps with some as they enter.

Stratos is committed to supporting organizations and causes that promote a healthy and sustainable community for the future like SRVS. We are honored and humbled to be named the TNCO 2019 Business of the Year.


“Our SRVS service partners have raised the bar in every area they work,” CEO Stacy McCall said. “We are both richly rewarded from this relationship, but it often seems as if they are having a bigger impact on us than we are on them. It has been such a wonderful journey thus far. Our entire organization values our SRVS teammates for their unparalleled effort and devotion to their jobs.”

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