Logistical people business – that is undoubtedly the most succinct definition of ServiceMaster by Stratos. We trademarked the phrase back in 2018 because it describes the organization so perfectly. With almost 500 service partners serving over 185 customer locations across three states, logistics is a big part of Stratos’ business. Not only do we want to ensure each work site is properly staffed to get the job done well, we also want to put service partners in environments where they will thrive.

Placing service partners at the right facilities has always been straightforward. When bringing new team members on board, we get a feel for their strengths, weaknesses, skillset and more, so we get a good understanding of who they are, and as a result, where they will be most happy and successful. COVID-19 has presented challenges we never could have predicted, though. 

Since the pandemic began, customers whose facilities remained open have requested more frequent cleanings or more enhanced disinfection services using electrostatic sprayers. Clients greatly reduced or halted services if they were not able to work from home or remain in business. As a result, we had service partners who no longer had facilities to provide cleaning services for, but also had a need for more team members at other locations. What a blessing!

Almost overnight, our coined phrase took on new life. We were shuffling our people, our most precious cargo, during a pandemic. The management team acted quickly and efficiently to work out the logistics of moving service partners when a facility’s needs changed. They did this by sending out a survey via text message, making phone calls and holding face-to-face meetings to identify those interested in being reassigned. Once the responses started pouring in, the team was off to the races, placing service partners in new locations and performing training sessions. Why was the latter necessary? Because no two facilities are the same. Stratos offers a tailored approach to its janitorial and custodial customers, so the reassigned service partners had to be brought up to speed on the unique needs of their new work site. Moreover, all service partners and supervisors participated in a refresher session on the role they play in preventing the spread of pathogens and germs, particularly COVID-19.

Two years ago, we could have never imagined what we would be experiencing now. Thankfully, Stratos, because of its flexibility intertwined with the company’s service offerings since our founding in 1980 has weathered the storm. We’ve never tried to put our customers in a box, and we have always believed there is no one-size-fits-all plan that applies to every job. Through this truly unfortunate time we have been able to show customers more and more of who we are and our ability to tailor our work to meet their unique needs.

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