Think back on this time last year. Even if we were not in the midst of a pandemic, there is likely much that is different. Take COVID-19 into account and that “much” turns into “just about everything.” Many businesses have been forced to pivot during this season, altering how they function in the marketplace and changing their offerings to stay relevant and profitable. Fortunately, the ServiceMaster by Stratos team was built for a time such as this. Our tailored business approach was designed to thrive in an environment that experiences a great deal of change. Let us explain.

No two facilities are the same, so why would our janitorial or custodial approaches be any different? Flexibility has been intertwined with Stratos’ service offerings since our founding in 1980. We’ve never tried to put our customers in a box. There is no one-size-fits-all plan that applies to every job. Prior to the pandemic, most customers had regular cleaning requirements that rarely changed, so the majority of our clientele hadn’t had the opportunity to take advantage of our ability to alter our plans and procedures on a dime. Through this truly unfortunate time, though, we’ve had the chance to show customers more and more of who we are and our ability to tailor our work to meet their unique needs.

COVID-19 has given our team a larger opportunity to live out what we have been capable of. For example, our two distinct business units, janitorial services and custodial services, are functioning even more as one right now. Some of our customers are requesting changes to their service frequency, while others are asking for a different type of service such as deep disinfections using electrostatic sprayers. As a result, our two teams are sharing resources and service partners to respond quickly to meet ever-changing and unexpected needs.

Stratos has never stopped at the basics. We’ve always offered innovative and tailored business solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity to affirm what we have always thought the market would need. It has proven that we have had the right business philosophy since our founding. What a blessing! At the end of the day, pandemic or not, it is still our goal to take great care of our customers and their employees.

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