In April 2020, we penned a blog post highlighting how ServiceMaster by Stratos’ CEO Stacy McCall came to realize information is currency in the business world. To recap, it highlighted insights like when front-line staff members pay close attention to detail and constantly evaluate the effectiveness of processes and procedures, the flow of information back to management is consistent. Stockpiling this valuable “currency” allows the Stratos team to be agile as customers’ needs or the market changes, oftentimes making adjustments before the customer even knows a change is necessary. 

Now, fast forward to early 2022. After on boarding new service partners on a more frequent basis, Stacy now sees another currency – “street cred.” For new hires, it is crucial that they remain engaged during training sessions, and pay close attention to the seasoned veterans the first several weeks on the job. This allows them to soak up as much information as possible and helps them understand what is expected in the workplace. 

As their knowledge grows so does their street cred with the team. From there, camaraderie among service partners is elevated, and levels of trust and respect are established. All these things play a vital role in our team’s ability to serve the customer well. When everyone is working together for a common goal, our customers reap the benefits, which is what it’s all about. 

What can your team do to learn more about what is beneficial to the business as a whole? Think about the currency or street cred you and those in your organization possess. What you glean will help you improve and remain competitive in the marketplace.

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