Finding a silver lining in a situation like the one we’re all experiencing right now might seem impossible at first thought. While we would all trade any moment of pandemic positivity for a world in which COVID-19 didn’t exist, we have still managed to learn a few valuable lessons amid the chaos. 

ServiceMaster by Stratos, like many businesses, has been staying informed by monitoring guidelines provided by the local and state governments, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. We have remained laser-focused on how to best serve our customers, all while keeping them and our service partners safe. We spoke with a couple Stratos management team members to get their perspective on lessons learned throughout the pandemic.

Monica Jones, director of custodial operations, said she has realized just how essential the services Stratos provides are. She already knew that custodial services were important prior to COVID-19, of course, but during a time when the cleanliness of a space could mean the difference between health and illness, it has become all the more clear. 


 “It made our service partners feel proud to come to work.” 

Monica also pointed out the familial-like bond the pandemic has strengthened among team members during this unique season.

“A lot of teammates have helped one another with food and toiletries. They’ve also communicated about local services and aid when applicable. This type of community support is very impressive.”

Echoing Monica’s sentiments was Salvador (Sal) Cervantes, director of janitorial services. Sal has been encouraged by the compassion that Stratos clients have shown for service partners on the front lines, as well as for their own employees. The compassion is displayed through the strict adherence to heightened cleaning practices and safety protocols. Sal shared that for clients, employees of those clients and service partners, following the rules meant less about checking off boxes and more about a way for all parties to be considerate of those around them. 


“Everyone is learning to care for one another; you can see that compassion in everything.”

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