When facing personal hardships, doing your best at work can be challenging. Here at Stratos, we believe that if our team members’ personal needs are not met, they will not be able to meet the needs of customers. As a result, we work hard to help our service partners succeed inside and outside the workplace.

One way we do just that is by offering essential items at a shop we refer to as our General Store. It’s located in our office here at 307 Madison Avenue. When we moved into the space last year, there were vignettes on the first floor. The previous owner, Junior Achievement, used them as mock businesses for its youth program, and one of those provided the perfect spot for our little shop. 

Despite the name, everything in the store is free of charge, and items are generously donated by individuals from all walks of life, local organizations and even our own team members. Offerings vary, but typically include clothes, food staples, personal care items, household appliances and more. Service partners are encouraged to take what they need for themselves and their family – no questions asked.


“One service partner’s house caught fire earlier this year, and in an instant, he lost everything. Thanks to the General Store, he and his family were able to get reestablished. We sent them home with household appliances, clothing and personal care items.” – Monica Jones, Employee Resource Specialist

Not only does the General Store support service partners, but members of outside organizations who need a little assistance, as well. Recently, Stratos was given a great deal of men’s professional wear. Think suits, ties, slacks and blazers. The donation helped business students at the University of Memphis dress for success. Recipients were grateful to receive a nice outfit they can wear to future job interviews.

If you are interested in contributing new or gently used items to the General Store, please contact Employee Relations Specialist, Monica Jones, at mjones@smbystratos.com or 901-683-0064.

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