ServiceMaster by Stratos began working with Shelby County Schools earlier this school year. To highlight the relationship, we are publishing a four-part series focused on recruitment, training, operations and scope of work.

Inking the Shelby County Schools partnership was a whirlwind for ServiceMaster by Stratos, the good kind of whirlwind that increases your business by more than 72 percent. The team recruited and trained new talent, and determined the best way to tackle operations. Now, nearly nine months after it all began, let’s take a look at what it takes to provide healthy learning environments for the leaders of tomorrow.

A lot goes into servicing the 45 facilities that make up our Shelby County Schools portfolio. It’s so much more than just sweeping floors and taking out the trash. From doing the scuff mark shuffle, as CEO Stacy McCall likes to call it, to making the floor shine, to removing gum, the Stratos team does a wide variety of tasks to ensure the schools are clean.

The grade level of the school we’re servicing creates different scopes of work. For example, elementary schools typically have very few after-school activities, so our service partners are able to have the place to themselves to work once the final bell rings. Middle schools have some after-school activities, but not as much as the high schools. Outlining how we tackle our high schools requires more strategy since there are a great deal of after-school activities taking place. The high schoolers are more independent, allowing them to stay on campus for longer periods of time, whether it be for athletics, club meetings or band practice.


“Even though we service events and event venues in the marketplace, there’s a difference in servicing our professional sports-driven venues and sports-driven activities that occur in our educational institutions,” said Stacy McCall, CEO of ServiceMaster by Stratos. “We touch both ends of the spectrum, from those who are beginning their exposure in team and individual sports to those who are now accomplished in the professional realm. It’s neat to see the full spectrum and how we service from the youngest athlete and fan to the oldest athlete and fan.”

Ensuring the schools are in their best condition requires work from not only our service partners, but our managers and leadership as well. Aside from the physical labor, there’s a relational aspect that is of the utmost importance. The partnership that develops between our team and the school administrators is vital. Without these two groups communicating, we would never know if our work needed improvement or surpassed their expectations. Constant communication is key to our team keeping the client happy.

There you have it. The scope of work for Shelby County Schools is definitely not cookie cutter, but that is when we excel. By tailoring our business solutions to meet their needs, we set the stage for our future leaders of tomorrow.

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