ServiceMaster by Stratos began working with Shelby County Schools earlier this year. To highlight the relationship, we are publishing a four-part series focused on recruitment, training, operations and scope of work.

Now that we had our new service partners on board, it was time to start training them—all 135 of them. Whew! We were thrilled to have so many new hardworking team members onboard and couldn’t wait to show them the ropes. And, it was a good thing we were so excited, because time was not something we had to spare. For some service partners, training ended the same day work began! Not a bad problem to have when you are blessed with great additions and an organized management team to tackle training.

Here at ServiceMaster by Stratos, we take great pride in bringing our best to work every day, so the training our new team members must go through is purposefully intense. By doing so, this ensures they are prepared to handle a wide-variety of scenarios when they head out to their first assignment. Training includes many areas—product usage and handling, equipment usage and maintenance, standard operating procedure for daytime and nighttime cleaning, as well as OSHA training.

The first round of hiring for summer work trainees wrapped up on May 23 and training kicked off just one week later. The first of two sessions was for those who were tasked with cleaning the facilities from top to bottom after the students went home for the summer. It was not a small feat, but it was one the new service partners welcomed with open arms. They did a fantastic job!

The second session was held in August, and it focused on Stratos’ operating procedures and teaching attendees how to maintain facilities throughout the school year. This training included those who worked to clean the schools over the summer, as well as more than 100 additional service partners who would be joining them once the students returned. Our management team was able to walk through each of the seven areas of training with our new service partners, providing valuable information to prepare the group for their work across the 39 Shelby County Schools we planned to service at the time. That number has since grown to 45!

Coming up next in part III of this series is a spotlight on operations. Stay tuned for the inside scoop on how we service more than 4 million square-feet a day.


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