Servant leadership is the driving force behind Stratos CEO Stacy McCall’s management style. Since she began leading the team in 2009, serving others has been at the forefront of Stacy’s leadership approach. From sweeping Shelby County Schools classrooms alongside service partners to offering team members access to a success coach to help them overcome personal and professional obstacles, Stacy is all about being in the trenches.

So, why has this leadership style proven to work well for the professional janitorial company over the years? It’s not just because Stacy has been so dedicated to the mantra, it’s because the entire team has embodied the approach as well. In order for servant leadership to truly be impactful and permeate all levels of an organization, everyone must have a servant’s heart. Team members have to be willing to take on new responsibilities and tasks, truly listen to feedback from the frontline and make themselves more available, even vulnerable, to meet the needs of employees. By giving so much of themselves, servant leaders are fulfilled when they see the difference they are making in their team’s lives and in the business.  


“Team members are often asked to stretch outside of their expertise,” Stacy said. “But they are never ones to say, ‘that’s not my job!’ They are always willing to push themselves to do what needs to be done – that’s what makes a stronger company. We’re more resilient because of the way in which our managers, supervisors and service partners approach their work every single day.”

Servant leadership is never a mantra that is isolated at the top. With all levels valuing each other and the role they play, a healthy workplace culture is sure to follow. Stratos’ workplace culture can undoubtedly be attributed to the servant leadership found throughout all levels of the organization.

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