This New Year’s Eve, we will all be trading party hats for masks. The evening will mark another tradition that will look and feel differently than in years past. So, how do you welcome the new year while ensuring the emotional health of team members? Doing so is certainly a delicate balance that requires tact and understanding.

New year sentiments abound every December. They are usually joyous and hopeful, offering well wishes, and sharing goals and visions for oneself. But this time around, wishing someone a happy 2021 in passing could seem a little out of touch and tone deaf. While many may be excited to turn the page on a tumultuous year, others remain uneasy because much of 2020’s uncertainty seems to be carrying over into 2021. Keeping in mind these two lines of thinking when delivering new year messages to your team members will be imperative.  

A refreshing message of cautious optimism is warranted, and likely desired during a year containing much fear and sadness. But, remember when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, it will be harder to leave the past behind, because doing so means leaving behind people, traditions, routines and more behind.

Enter the new year with a vision of a bright future, all while possessing an understanding of what many went through in 2020. Give grace and practice understanding with yourself and those around you as we enter into a season filled with unknowns, checking in on your people a little more. We will all get through this together. 

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