One of ServiceMaster by Stratos’ corporate objectives is to help our people develop. We are committed to providing employees with skills training and opportunities to accomplish significant personal and professional growth and achievement. We know doing this will reap great rewards in the form of quality work and enhanced productivity, and above all, will make a difference in others’ lives. 

In December 2020 and January 2021, Stratos team members participated in engaging leadership training sessions hosted by Judy Bell, behavioral analyst and founder of Judy Bell Consulting. The sessions she administered featured six modules – effective leadership, emotional intelligence, effective communication, building effective teams, conflict management and civility in the workplace. To begin, Judy laid the groundwork for effective leadership by drawing the distinction between leaders and managers, stressing that leaders must possess integrity, availability and professional competence, as well as skills in delegation and time management. 

Throughout the following sessions, the team came to understand what it means to possess a high level of emotional intelligence centered in effective communication, great listening skills and better teamwork. In the module centered around building effective teams, Judy shared details about the importance of collaboration over competitiveness and the value of effective listening. This transitioned attendees seamlessly into conflict management and civility in the workplace, in which she touched on ways to approach and prepare for difficult conversations, disrespectful behaviors to watch out for, and how to display respect and poise at all times. 

Our people are the lifeblood of our organization. We are dedicated to investing in them and creating opportunities for growth within the organization. Thank you, Judy Bell Consulting, for being a part of the continual development of our Stratos team.

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