At Stratos, our management team is not comprised of individuals who sit behind a desk and orchestrate from afar. We are an organization that believes in closely engaging with the company’s daily operations because we recognize that service partner engagement does not solely correlate with positive results – it drives results.

Every member of our management team uses a health app, which reports heart rate data and tracks steps taken throughout their day. In a recent management meeting, we had everyone report how many steps they had taken that week. Why? Because those steps not only correlate with how they’re actively training and inspecting in their facilities, they show the investment they make in their service partners and their clients.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. When you invest in them, they’ll have the aptitude to perform at their best, experience greater satisfaction and be more committed to their daily responsibilities.

The most steps taken by a member of my management team was 28,638 in one day. Another took 24,000. You can imagine the gratification I felt seeing those numbers. The more steps my team takes, the more I see their dedication to meeting the needs of their frontline service partners. Steps correlate to commitment. Steps correlate to effective management practices. Steps correlate to relationships.

So, how many steps have you taken today to invest in your people?

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