At ServiceMaster by Stratos, our people are at the heart of what we do. We know that without our service partners, our company simply wouldn’t exist. We strive to show how much we value each team member by not only investing in their professional lives, but their personal ones, as well. We refer to this as investing in the “whole person.”

Why do we focus on their personal lives if we only see them in a professional setting? Well, we believe that if service partners do not have their most basic needs met outside the workplace, they will not be able to meet the needs of our customers. One of the ways we invest in them and help them overcome obstacles is by connecting them with our success coach. The success coach helps team members with important things such as improving their financial literacy by connecting them with Stratos’ partner, Southern Security Federal Credit Union. The Memphis-based nonprofit financial cooperative has provided valuable tips to service partners that will benefit their families now and in the future – from eliminating debt to improving credit scores and everything in between. To learn more about the partnership, check out this episode of the Stratos Soundbite.


“Financial literacy improves families lives by providing peace of mind and relief from financial stress.  We teach families how to effectively manage and understand where their money goes, how to save, spend and give! Through having a plan, we have helped people get out of debt while learning how to save money each month! When we change our mind about our money, we change our behavior toward money.” Melisa Horn, Southern Security Director of Planning and Development

Our holistic approach to employee development means we take time to ensure service partners have the knowledge and support necessary to navigate their financial situation. For example, if a service partner makes a bridge loan, he or she must participate in a financial counseling session before the money is received.

Financial literacy is just one of many ways in which Stratos helps service partners in both their professional and personal development. Visit for information about how Southern Security can help your team take steps toward improving financial literacy. 

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