At Stratos, our company culture directly impacts our most valuable asset – our service partners. Without our employees, our organization wouldn’t exist. Investing in the well-being of our team, both personally and professionally, is extremely important to me, as I know doing so will reap great rewards in the form of quality work and enhanced productivity and above all will make a difference in others’ lives. 

One exciting thing going on right now that is strengthening Stratos’ workplace culture is the training of our supervisors for the future. Our service partners going through this training are excited about the opportunities before them. They understand we have made a conscious decision to not hire from the outside and strictly promote from within. By doing so, we are creating positions of growth within the organization and living out our second corporate objective – helping people develop. 

As an organization, we are committed to providing employees with technical and people skills training and opportunities to accomplish meaningful and significant achievements both personally and professionally, as directly and intentionally investing in our team fosters morale. Employee morale impacts productivity, and hiring internally can increase sentiment among your team. Giving our service partners the opportunity and tools needed to progress shows them they are valued and allows them to showcase their contribution and commitment to our organization. 

A brighter future – that’s what we all hope for, right? When you invest in your employee’s professional and personal growth and allow them to move up the ranks at your company, you’re giving them renewed hope for a brighter future and an opportunity to invest in others. 

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