This year’s Memphis Madness was a sold-out affair, featuring the Memphis Tiger’s new
basketball coach, Penny Hardaway. With roughly 18,000 fans in attendance, it truly was

One of our team members tracked his steps taken the Thursday of Memphis Madness. In total,
he took 16,417 steps, which equals 4.4 miles – the equivalent of walking from FedExForum to
the Memphis Zoo. With 24 service partners working the event, our team walked approximately
105.6 miles in one night!

Outside of traditional office spaces, Stratos services massive industrial facilities and
entertainment venues, like FedExForum. To be exact, we service 11.3 million square feet
across 215 locations in three states.

No matter the location and no matter the workload, our team works to achieve one common
goal – an amazing guest experience. We take great pride in making sure the venue we’re
servicing is spotless before the first ticket is scanned and that it remains that way during
each event. A venue such as FedExForum holds 18,119 people, so, as you can imagine, many
hours are clocked and a surprising amount of materials are used to ensure the guest experience
is just right.

Looking for the right company to provide cleaning for your venue? Contact us. Our team works
hard to make sure each guest enjoys the show or game in a nice, clean and completely stocked

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