When a job candidate becomes a service partner, that person instantly becomes a member of the ServiceMaster by Stratos family. Stratos leaders Chris and Stacy McCall took a stroll in Court Square one afternoon, not knowing that they would have the opportunity to bring in another family member when they bumped into Brian White.

Brian is the owner and operator behind Brian White’s Mobile Cleaning Service. A dedicated business owner who never stops until the client is satisfied, Brian has nearly 23 years of exper­ience, including the last six in partnership with Stratos. From cleaning glass and ATMs inside local banks to tackling tough pressure washing jobs in public use spaces in Downtown Memphis, Brian’s integrity and versatility is what stood out most to Stacy.


“The working relationship between Brian and Chris is really incredible,” Stacy said. “He will do anything for us, and everyone that has interacted with him has loved him. There’s a lot of mutual respect and admiration on both sides.”

When handling pressure-washing jobs for Stratos, Brian always holds himself to a higher standard, never settling for less than perfection. He strives to represent Stacy and Stratos in the best way possible. To say he succeeds at doing so would be an understatement.


“I’ve learned so much about the importance of professionalism and I trust that my relationship with Stratos is only going to get better as time goes on.”

Brian credits his grandparents for instilling the importance of good work ethics and remaining humble when taking on new endeavors. When Brian isn’t catching up on rest or boating on calm waters, he is spending time with his wife, family and friends.

We appreciate you, Brian! Thank you for being a trusted partner of ServiceMaster by Stratos.

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