When the time is right for office spaces to reopen, ServiceMaster by Stratos service partners will be working tirelessly to help keep customer facilities clean. There are a few ways you, too, can help when you return – starting with your personal workspace.

Disinfecting those high-touch surfaces around your workspace is crucial to keep away germs. Ensure you’re consistently wiping down items you touch daily, such as staplers, pens and light switches. Don’t forget about some of the most highly-trafficked office supplies – electronics. Make certain that you regularly dust or clean your keyboard, laptop and other devices according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have an Apple computer, click here. Or, click here if you have a Dell.

Avoid bringing in unnecessary belongings to work from your home. Take your coffee cup for example. If you bring a coffee cup from home, set it on your desk, then in the office’s kitchen sink and THEN back in your car’s cup holder, just think of how many germs it picks up. Keep a coffee mug at work to use while you are in the office. The same can be said for items such as water bottles and pens as well.

Everyday tidying up can be just as important as disinfecting. Be mindful of any stray wrappers, papers or trash left in your personal area, as germs can hide everywhere – not to mention the dust that collects over time. Try tidying up at the end of each day, that way you avoid an overwhelming pileup of clutter, and you allow for our service partners to clean and disinfect your surfaces properly.

Thank you for doing your part to limit the spread of germs in the workplace. Our service partners look forward to seeing you at your office when you return to work.

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