Monica Jones joined the Stratos team in 2018 as the director of the company’s educational vertical. In her role, the Memphis native is responsible for developing long-lasting relationships with Stratos’ customers at Shelby County Schools and overseeing consistent work from service partners.

Through managing more than 200 service partners across 47 locations, Monica has learned a great deal. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in a school?! This year, the biggest lesson she gleaned was how important it is to have a clean, safe and healthy learning environment for our children. School is very much a second home for the youth, and creating a clean space allows them to grow academically in a comfortable setting. 


“It’s such a joy to see how everyone collaborates and works together as a team. We all really do take great pride in keeping the schools we service looking their best,” Monica said.

To encourage those who keep 47 Shelby County Schools locations looking their best, Stratos implemented the Clean School Award program in 2018. Each semester, the elementary, middle and high school teams with the highest overall ratings, receive a certificate at a ceremony in front of their peers. The winners work so hard to receive this recognition, and the looks on their faces are priceless when they hear their names being called. “Those winners now have bragging rights for having the ‘cleanliest’ school of the semester!” Monica said.

Shelby County Schools also provides great encouragement for our team by recognizing those who perform well, making the desire to be the best team even greater. At some facilities, service partners can receive Employee of the Month recognition from the school’s staff. Those moments make Monica so proud because it shows that not only are the service partners excelling, they are also being welcomed into the Shelby County Schools family with open arms. 

Since school wrapped up in May, service partners have been detailing the facilities by deep cleaning classrooms, cafeterias and restrooms, conducting floor maintenance and more. As the 2019-2020 academic year draws near, Monica is ready to get back to work!


“I’m looking forward to motivating, inspiring and challenging my team to provide great service and maintain a consistently clean school throughout the school year,” Monica said.

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