Remaining in business for 40 years would make any leader proud, but ServiceMaster by Stratos has done so much more than just exist. Since its founding, Stratos has built a rich heritage of moral and ethical principles, which are incorporated into every facet of the way we do business. Over the years, our company has grown to serve three states and provide professional growth opportunities for thousands of individuals all while developing long-term, personal relationships with our customers and business partners. How was all this accomplished? It’s a hard-to-execute but simple concept.

Prioritize company culture.
Company culture should be at the top of every leader’s priority list. With pressing items like maintaining visibility in the marketplace and increasing bottom lines, company culture may seem to be less important or even get lost in today’s business environment. However, Stratos CEO Stacy McCall believes it is one of the keys to continued success. It’s a delicate balance trying to be a headstrong leader and trusted teammate, but it is worth the struggle. Through open communication channels based on core values like integrity, accountability and respect, the Stratos team has developed a strong internal culture, and your team can also. 

Dedicate yourself to improving company culture. If you are not meeting the needs of your employees, you will never meet the needs of your clients. Make your workplace a safe haven where employees can flourish and share that joy with others.

Invest in your people.
The company culture Stratos has established directly impacts our most valuable asset – our service partners. Without our employees, our organization simply wouldn’t exist. Investing in the well-being of our team, both personally and professionally, is extremely important because doing so will reap great rewards in the form of quality work, enhanced productivity and above all will make a difference in others’ lives. 

One exciting thing going on right now that is strengthening Stratos’ workplace culture is the training of our supervisors for the future. Our service partners going through this training are excited about the opportunities before them. They understand Stratos leadership has made a conscious decision to not look outside the organization but promote from within. By doing so, we are creating positions of growth within the organization and living out our second corporate objective – helping people develop. When you invest in your employee’s professional and personal growth and allow them to move up the ranks at your company, you’re giving them renewed hope for a brighter future.

Be a servant leader.
Both the approaches above stem from Stratos’ guiding principle – servant leadership. Servant leadership is all about making hard decisions for the betterment of the team rather than yourself. The entire Stratos team operates with this service-before-self attitude. It’s the foundation upon which the organization stands. 

Stratos has embraced servant leadership not only because it is who we are at our core, but also because it raises levels of trust in our management team, enhances service partner commitment to our organization and teaches our service partners lessons they can apply to all areas of life, especially those outside the workplace. The fruits of this labor result in continued success for our business.

Without these three important facets as the basis of Stratos’ DNA, 40 years would have never been a goal we could have achieved. Take some time to think about how your organization is prioritizing company culture, investing in team members and operating with a servant’s heart. It will make all the difference.

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