In today’s tech-focused world, it can be easy for various departments within an organization to become disconnected. This is especially true if their primary method of communication is through email or workflow management platforms. Here at Stratos, company culture is king, which means we do everything we can to ensure those operating in every area of the company make meaningful connections and establish strong working relationships.

Weekly in-person meetings
Stratos leadership and management team members meet at the office for some intentional time together on Wednesday mornings. We even go so far as to position the tables and chairs in a rectangle so attendees are facing each other. This layout results in more eye contact, which encourages more discussion and creates a more collaborative environment.

Thought-provoking discussions
The topics we cover in the weekly meetings mentioned above aren’t always about business. Team members are required to bring a quote that resonates with them each week. Every one reads their quote aloud and explains why they chose it. Thought-provoking questions are often posed, which results in meaningful group talks. This strategy has not gone off without its hitches, though. Stratos CEO Stacy McCall once encountered a team member who was never prepared to participate. After a few weeks, she gave him an ultimatum – bring a quote or be relieved of your position. When the time came for the team member to share his quote the following week, sticky notes were passed under the table. Managers had brought a quote for their coworker to use because they knew the weight of the situation. The non-participatory team member was ready, so the secret quote donations weren’t needed, but it was very encouraging to see how the team had his back.

Celebrating successes
We celebrate wins publicly in front of all teams to ensure everyone understands their interconnectivity. One team’s success is oftentimes tied to another’s, so calling out victories is vital for strengthening relationships between those operating in different roles. 

How can you foster a culture of connectivity and collaboration between teams within your organization?

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