Stratos is the Logistical People Business. Those three words make up the most succinct definition of our organization. With over 150 service partners serving customers across three states, logistics is a big part of our business. Not only do we want to ensure each location we service is properly staffed to get the job done well, we also want to put our team members in environments where they will thrive.

Take former service partner, now lead, Morris Jefferson, for example. He loves biking and enjoying the outdoors, so it seemed natural to assign him to Overton Park. Since placing him at this sprawling Midtown Memphis space, he has exhibited impressive dedication. In fact, he didn’t miss a day of work for two years at one point! He has made it his goal to set a good example for his peers, and boy is he doing a good job.

A typical work day for Morris at Overton Park includes servicing the restrooms, taking care of garbage, picking up litter and traveling the grounds in a golf cart to ensure all looks well. Since being assigned to the park, Morris has built connections with frequent park goers. The camaraderie between Morris and these regulars makes for a wonderful partnership. He enjoys getting to know them and seeing them every day. And while Morris and his teammates are not tasked with security duties, some park goers have shared that they feel safer with service partners around.

Here at Stratos, we have two types of customers – those who are internal and those who are external. Yes, external customers are very important, but the happiness and success of internal customers, our service partners, are equally important. We have found there is a direct correlation between the success of our service partners and the satisfaction of our customers, which is why placing team members like Morris in environments where they will thrive is vital. To learn more about our hardworking service partners, click here.

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