FedExForum and AutoZone Park are just a couple of the venues Stratos services. A lot of time and training go into keeping these spaces that can accommodate a combined 29,000 guests in tip-top shape. But above all, it takes an exceptional, hard working team to get the job done right. 

Stratos Facilities Group Manager and Memphis sports fanatic Isaac Wright oversees the cleaning of these venues. He and his crew stay quite busy, not only with seasonal sporting events, but also with concerts and shows that are held throughout the year.

Let’s dive into what it’s like to service FedExForum before, during and after a Memphis Grizzlies game. It takes about 120 team members to service a sold-out matchup! The day shift team arrives about 8.5 hours before tip-off, making sure the 19,000-seat venue is ready to welcome fans. When they finish, the next crew comes in to work its magic during and after the game. Team members divide and conquer to ensure the space stays looking its best for the duration. (Good thing we’re known as the Logistical People Business!) Assignments to specific sections of FedExForum are made for maximum efficiency, like the locker rooms, the main entrance and suites. After the game, Isaac says service partners take the venue “from 0 to 100,” polishing it up for the next event that can sometimes be held hours later.

Quick turnarounds are common in this industry, of course, especially at a venue like FedExForum that hosts NBA and college basketball games, concerts, comedy shows, rodeos and more. In early February 2024, there were six events in seven days. Sometimes, an evening event concludes at 9:30 p.m., and is followed by another at noon the next day. That’s why we take so much time training and preparing service partners beforehand, so these tight turnarounds are second nature. 

Clear communication is also a must. With so many pieces to the puzzle, it can get complicated fast if there isn’t a set schedule or clear assignments. Aside from internal communication, the team must work with the in-house staff at the venue, as well. Isaac and team leads build strong relationships and establish open communication channels with contacts to ensure all goes smoothly and to find quick solutions to problems that may arise.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” said Isaac. “We have to work with our counterparts in engineering, arena operations, our food service and security partners. There’s a lot of moving parts to make this happen. We aren’t just cleaning. It’s about communicating with each other and working together.”

Though these quick turnarounds and moving parts can be a challenge, Isaac says this is the most fun he’s ever had in a job. And for that, we are immensely thankful. To learn more about our event and venue services, visit our dedicated webpage

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