When starting a new business, it’s imperative to immerse yourself in the local community. But, if you are in a brand new city without prior connections, it can be a challenge to determine how to do just that. Stratos CEO Stacy McCall recently began a new venture in Reno, Nevada, and found herself abiding by the three tips below to integrate herself and her business.

  1. Join the local chamber of commerce. When Stacy started the new business from scratch in Nevada, the first place she turned to make connections was the chamber of commerce. From her experience with the Greater Memphis Chamber and the Olive Branch Chamber of Commerce, she knew becoming a member would aid her in meeting like-minded professionals. When she joined, Stacy inquired about health care benefits and was immediately put in touch with an active chamber member who could assist. This has resulted in a meaningful relationship for Stacy and the team.
  2. Find a networking group. Search for a networking group that aligns with your business’ focus and is made up of people with similar objectives. To narrow down where you want to begin your networking journey, ask yourself what you are looking for in the business-to-business environment. If you’re a female business owner, you may be interested in two that Stacy is involved with – the Women’s Business Enterprise Council and the National Association of Women Business Owners.
  3. Get involved with a community-centric cause. Find a philanthropy that helps you understand the community, along with its needs and assets. Giving back through local charities truly makes an impact on your new community. We recommend selecting one that offers ways for your entire team to get involved. You will be helping those in need while simultaneously strengthening the relationships of those volunteering alongside each other.

Planting roots in a new city can feel overwhelming, but it is doable when you join your local chamber, make connections with other professionals and give back. Are you ready to take the first step?

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