It is no secret that over the years, Stratos has seen great success through hiring and promoting from within. Leadership finds it quite easy to do so because of the way it invests in the personal and professional growth of team members. They’re not stingy with that investment either. Every team member can reap the benefits from Stratos living out its core value of helping its people develop, including those placed by a temporary agency. Let us explain.

If you’re familiar with our organization, you’ve likely heard of one or all of these team members – Sal Cervantes, Lisa Montgomery and Kim Gannon. Aside from tenure, these three individuals have something else in common. They were all not necessarily meant to be with Stratos long-term. The trio began as temporary employees helping us meet several immediate needs until a full-time employee who was a great culture fit could be hired.

We chuckle writing that last sentence now. Those who know Sal, Lisa and Kim know they are the ultimate culture fits, and it didn’t take Stratos leadership long to figure that out either. Weeks quickly turned into months, and those months turned into years for all three, and we are so grateful. 

Each has experienced immense growth inside and outside the workplace, and are now seen as leaders in their own right. Sal, who started as a service partner in 2004, has worked his way through all levels of the organization and now holds a position created just for him – general manager of custodial and janitorial operations. Lisa started her journey as a member of Stratos’ administrative team and currently serves as the facilities group manager. She oversees the teams servicing our area’s largest (and busiest!) venues, including FedExForum and AutoZone Park. Lisa lives out our “Logistical People Business” tagline each and every day, that’s for sure. Last but not least, we have Kim, our financial administrator. She’s a hard working, detail-oriented team member who does so much more than crunch numbers. Oftentimes, she helps manage external relationships, communication efforts and even email inboxes.

Stratos believes that when you invest in your employees’ growth, and allow them to move up through the organization, you provide them with the inspiration they need and in turn, inspiration others garnish from them. Sal, Lisa and Kim are proof of that. Each now serves as a resource for other members of our organization and has certainly made a lasting impact on many. We thank all three of these individuals for hanging with us through thick and thin.

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