Salvador HeadshotPost construction cleaning… what’s that, you ask? First, it’s important to know that post-construction cleaning isn’t only done at the end of the construction project, right before the business opens—that’s only one type of post-construction cleaning. A couple other types occur during various stages of the construction process, such as after demolition to avoid slips, trips and falls; before the installation of new materials, including flooring, cabinets, etc.; as well as before important inspections to ensure the business will pass with flying colors.

Contractors like Belz Enterprises; Turner Construction Company; Metro Construction; Grinder, Taber & Grinder, Inc.; Walker General Contractors; and Grinder Haizlip Construction call upon Stratos to take care of post-construction cleaning on their commercial projects. These companies look to our service partners to get the job done time and time again, and we highly value these partnerships, as well



“During every job I’ve worked with Stratos on, they have been very well prepared and organized,” said Patrick Johnston, project manager for Turner Construction’s Memphis market. “They always have good supervision, ensuring that we’ll get their very best each and every day.”

As mentioned earlier, our services can be completed between various stages of demolition or construction. For example, we recently cleared out trash and debris, among other things, at the newest location of Frida’s Mexican Restaurant in Collierville, Tennessee, before final materials were installed. Not only does this type of post-construction work result in a clean worksite, it also ensures crew safety, allows work to happen at a faster pace and gives key stakeholders the opportunity to visit the site.

In addition, we often service area businesses that are under construction before important inspections. These cleanings are very important as the inspections conducted by the third party inspectors determine whether the business can open on time.

Once construction is complete, the facility needs to be spotless before the doors can open. As the dust settles on any worksite, our team comes in to ensure it doesn’t stick around for long. Clients can be sure that once we are done servicing the space, business can begin.

Over the years, we have cleaned everything from the basement garage of Crosstown Concourse to surgery suites and operating rooms in area Methodist Hospitals. For a complete list of our post-construction cleaning capabilities, click here.

Salvador Cervantes has been with ServiceMaster by Stratos since 2004. As a facilities group manager, his portfolio includes commercial office buildings, industrial clients and sporting venues.

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