As each year comes to a close, I like to take time to reflect on what I’ve learned and what continues to make me who I am. One of the biggest revelations I had in 2023 was that slowing down is simply not in my DNA. When a path is laid before me, I can’t help but prayerfully walk it. And, as I walk, I’ve found I have the opportunity to make an impact and to grow.

I still have more work to do.
Continuing in my professional journey when I wasn’t aware another chapter could be read or another verse be sung has been eye opening. I didn’t think I had the energy to add a new business venture to my plate in 2023, but I quickly found out I did indeed have the capacity. Jumping in on the creation of C&C Facility Services, a Nevada-based janitorial company servicing over 6-million-square-feet, has brought many blessings. It gives me the opportunity to do something that brings me immense joy – make a difference in others’ lives.

Like with Stratos, culture and communication (hence the name C&C) are at the forefront. When hiring nearly 125 team members last month, we talked a lot about the importance of company culture and open communication channels. The candidates would listen intently with confused looks on their faces. At first, I thought it was my Southern accent, but that wasn’t it. They thought it was strange for a company to talk about those two things because it didn’t align with past experiences. We showed them they are more than just a name or a number. Each one of them is an integral part of the organization.

I can learn new tricks.
Sometimes, we discount our ability to learn more. We may think our tanks are full until we’re put in a position where we have to stretch. While leading Stratos and co-founding C&C this year, I had to do just that. And to my surprise, I discovered I would not snap. I could stretch, be flexible and continue to learn. I’ve always been a continuous learner when it comes to relationships and the marketplace in which we operate, but I have resisted it when it comes to technology. This year, I realized I can step into it with both feet without drowning. I figured out how to swim again. I didn’t give myself any other choice. That is just how God created me.

As we close out 2023, I hope you will join me in taking time to reflect on what you’ve learned, what has gone well and maybe not so well, how you have changed for the better and where you still have room to grow. It’s truly an eye-opening exercise I look forward to every December.

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